What is VPN ?


There is a lot of website in the internet which is blocked in the countries, so now that you want to access those block websites which are blocked in your country, then how can you use those websites? You can use VPN. You can access any block website easily using VPN, if you sit at home, in this post, I will tell you about Virtual Private Network. How can you change your IP address by using it and easily access any block sites.


What is VPN?
vpn’s fullform is virtual private network, it is a destination private network that allows any user to access this network anytime and anywhere in the world, for this, you will get an IP address from the network company and Provides log usernames and passwords that allow you to access this network from anywhere in the world.

The use of VPN network is mostly used by large companies’ websites, education institutions website, goverment website, etc. Because these sites have very important data that can steal the hackers using iSliya vpn VPN sends the information of any destination in the internet secretly, so that no hacker knows how the data has been sent and it is a secure and safe. Is

You can also get VPN network in free or you can also buy this network by paying money. If you use a free VPN then there is some limit to it, and if you buy a VPN, then you You will find lots of features.
Advantage and disadvantages of using the free vpn service:

Free VPN does not require you to pay some money, that means whatever feature you get in it you can use it for free
If you want to use any block website you can use free VPN
You will have ADS show in Free VPN or you can use some limited bandwidth
If your data highly confidential so free VPNs use to do the right thing because the free VPN company Provider can share with other people your data to your profit
Advantages of Using Paid VPN:

If you buy a VPN service, then your data is completely safe.
The Paid VPN service company does not share any of your data with anyone.
You will find lots more with unlimited bandwidth in VPN paid service
How to use vpn in a computer
Well you can, but will find that you in for free need an IP address and user name and password that you have Internet access, or you can buy it to use VPNs manually in the computer.


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