Samsung S10 Lunch date


Samsung has officially announced that the launch of Samsung Galaxy S10. The company’s Samsung Galaxy S 10 latest flagship will be launched on February 20. Foldable phones can also be launched at this event in San Francisc. This phone can be set up with six cameras.

Samsung s10 lunch date

However, the company has not yet verified this feature. The company has earlier given four cameras in the Samsung galaxy A9.Several major changes will be seen in Samsung’s next flagship phone. It can have a new interface so that it can support the 5G new network. According to Tech World, this phone can be presented with a 5.8-inch OLED curved display and it will be a bezel lace display. It can also be inserted in the fingerprint sensor. Also Qualcomm’s latest processor Snapdragon 855 SoC can be used. The thing to note here is that this phone can have six cameras. If we talk about to its price we have no idea yet.


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