Download Mr. photo for Windows 7/8/10


Pestro! Mr. Photo

Mr. photo is a simple and best windows software for photo editing and printing. You can print different sizes of photo by making different sizes. This software is developed by Newsoft solution and This software is currently discontinued by the developer but you can download from the link that we give.

How to make photo size in Mr photo

Making your photo size is very simple just follow these steps to make your desired size of you can make this size by watching this video from youtube WATCH VIDEO . You can also make these size by these tutorial just follow these simple steps to make your photo size.

Step 1:- Open your Pestro! mr. photo software in your PC

Step 2:- Select any photo that you want to print or edit in this you can open any photo by select the photo and right click on it  and move cursor on open with and open with Mr. photo or you can also import by just drag and drop to Mr. photo icon on the taskbar. and right click on icon of Mr. photo and select your photo name.

Mr photo

Step 3:- Select your photo

mr photo photo size

Step 4:- After selecting your photo click on print icon then select Print catalouge option.

Step 6:- Click on Paper style option

mr photo size

Step 5 :- Edit your desired size entering Row size, Column size and also gap between them.

How to download Mr. Photo

This software is officialy discontinued by the its developer  newsoft solution but you can download its by our Specially provided driver link. so click on download button to download this software in zip file.

click here to download
Click here to download

How to install Mr. photo

Extract downloaded zip file then click on setup and right click on it and select Run as admnistrator for install. Don’t change any setting in the installation option.


You have no need to register on this software you can simply skip registration. That’s all for the Download,Install and make photo size. For more information watch this video also.


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