7 way to earn from youtube without adsense


Hay guys are you want to earn money online and from youtube and here is the some tips for you that you can earn without adsense. There are many way to earn from youtube without adsense. If your youtube channel is not monetized yet or your adsense account is suspended then this article is specially for you. so let’s get started.

How to make money from youtube

#1 By short url
You can earn more money than Youtube earning by Url Shortener website. You see this type of links are given in many youtube videos description. You can also earn by giving short URL of your channel subscribe link,any apps link, link of your Facebook, twitter, Instagram and other social media link in your video description and also you can give websites, apps short link in your description comment that you used in your video and say to your viewer to open this link by this method you can earn more than the Youtube adsense earning.
Some website like bit.ly,Adf.ly pays 5 dollar for 10000 views which is more than youtube pays for 10k views. It is the simple way to earn by link shortener.


#2 By affiliate program

Another way to earn from youtube by affiliate program . It is the best way to earn from youtube you can recommend people to buy product from your link that you can get from online website. If your youtube channel is about tech and you unboxing product like mobile gadgets etc. Then it is best for you . You can participate in affiliate program in any website and you can get link for your product. EX.  If you want to participate in Amazon affiliate program then simply you have to type affiliate.amazon.com in your browser and register on this website . You need some document for this PAN Card Bank account. By this you can get up 10 to 12% on every product. You can also share affiliate link to your social media Friends like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and also on Whatsapp.

amazon affiliate
amazon affiliate

How to earn money online

#3 By Sponsorship

Next way is by taking sponsor but for this need atleast 1000 subscribers but in this way you get paid before your video views on YouTube. In this method you have make videos on those topics on which you get sponsor. You can get sponsor for website apps gadgets etc . Simply you made videos on these and get paid for that. Nowdays it is common way of advertising by any sponsor because it is cheaper way to promote their product by sponsor. There are some  website which you can get sponsorship.
Here are name of same website.

#4 By android apps
You can make android apps of your youtube channel even you can made youtube channel of other without any copyright. For this you have no need to knowledge about any programming languages. There are many websites where you can create your apps in free and publish on playstore in free. But for publishing your apps on  Playstore you have to spend some money for creating account of google Admob from which you can get earning from your apps. It’s charge is $25 for uploading your first app on playstore after this you will not charge any more. Here is sthe best website where you can create your apps is Thunkable.com
You can easily find video tutorials on YouTube it’s really simple so you can create your apps. This is the another way to earn. if you know programming language like java, python then you can also made this types of app by android studio.


#4 By youtube sponsor feature
YouTube have been recently launched a new features in youtube it is sponsor but for this you have to atleast 50k subscribers to enable this features . In this features you can get sponsor from other and you will get paid for that.

youtube sponsor
youtube sponsor

#5 By transferring organic traffic
You can also earn by transferring your own viewers to your website . For this you have to made your own website so you can transfer your traffic to your website you can earn even more than youtube.

#6 By selling your merchandise
Yes you can also earn by selling your merchandise on youtube if you are popular on youtube then you can easily sell your merchandise on this plateform there are many websites by which you can sell your merchandise. Youtube also promote to sell your merchandise.

#7 By selling coupon

you can also sell offer coupon of many product. Here is website name cj.com from where you can get coupon code and also product link. It is just like affiliate programming. You can also make coupon website from this coupon .


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